Ginger Harris

Ginger Harris

Though she hails from the Midwest, Ginger Harris considers herself a Miamian, as she’s spent more than 20 years as a Miami Beach resident. A gymnast and nationally competitive cheerleader in her younger years, Ginger has always dedicated a portion of her life to physical fitness. She’s also been a vegetarian for more than two decades. A devout yogi in her adult life, Ginger spent most of her 20s and 30s twisted like a pretzel in yoga poses. Seeing this, a friend encouraged her to try Pilates for the first time. Seven years later, she’s now a teacher. Ginger was astounded to find Pilates increased her flexibility and strength far beyond that of her 20-plus year yoga practice. Ginger is a firm believer that each day should begin or end with a workout, and she finds true happiness in her Pilates endorphin blast. Through Pilates, Ginger believes you can think more clearly, overcome stress, feel better about your physical appearance, and heal injuries and mental hurdles. It’s these reasons why she is dedicating her life to helping others through Pilates. Plus, she thinks toning up muscles, particularly abs, is a pretty rewarding payoff, too.

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