Nathan Carlson

Nathan Carlson

Nathan is a NASM-CPT majoring in Kinesiology at Cal Poly Pomona. He leads from the front, walks his talk, and has a decade-long track record enhancing the health of men in his community. As a teenager, Nathan experienced empowerment through exercise during the darkest season of his life. His battle with Goliath forced him to tap into his imagination to discover creative methods for sustaining peak fitness. Nathan’s toolkit of exercises and proficiency in optimizing readily available household items as exercise modalities has proven to be an asset for those seeking exercise benefits from the comfort of their homes. What separates Nathan from other CPT’s in the industry is his resilient spirit and underdog mindset. He has fallen hard in life; bearing the impacts of poverty, abuse, addiction, incarceration, and low self-esteem. Through it all, exercise has been the antidote leading to regeneration, hope, and healing. Nathan’s optimistic perspective enables him to connect with people from all walks of life and his philosophy towards fitness is duty-bound.


Health / Wellness / Fitness

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