Noa Shaw

Noa Shaw

Noa, nicknamed “Poppa” was born and raised in the Tri-State Area. Sober since 2007, Noa has lived a life of service both personally and professionally. Noa has worked extensively as a case manager in residential rehabilitation centers and as a sober companion to newly-recovered individuals as a certified life coach. Previously, he worked in the entertainment industry in LA as well as had his fingers on the pulse of the hospitality industry. Currently, Noa leads group meditations to help give people the spiritual and grounding tools they need to work through overwhelming situations including LA’s Skid Row. Noa has evolved his work into a podcast called “I’m Here To Help” which is downloaded in over 30 countries. The basis of his podcast focuses on what Noa refers to as “Selfless Help and Mental Wealth.” Since 2012, Shaw has been an instructor at SoulCycle in NYC. He helped to grow the brand into Brooklyn, created his own branded ride within the company, and has attained the title of Senior Instructor.

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