Rickey Sisters

Rickey Sisters

If you have had a chance to meet or step inside one of the Rickey Sister classes this will only touch the surface of the overwhelming connective energy between Alyssa and Sammy. There is nothing more energizing than dancing with two girls who love dance almost as much as they love each other. From a very young age dance was something that brought Alyssa and Sammy closer. Coming from a family full of people who aren’t afraid to get lost in the music, dancing was something that was almost chosen for the girls. Their Nana signed Alyssa up for dance classes at two years old and while that choice was the right one for Alyssa, Sammy gave it one chance and ended up on the soccer field where you can say she danced her way through the defense as a speedy offense player. As the years flew by dance became more and more important to each of them. Though not truly pursuing dance as a team until their adult life the time that passed did not hold them back. Taking dance and turning it into a badass/nostalgic work out session has become their niche.

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