Sarah Gillette

Sarah Gillette

Meet Sarah Gillette. An Orange County, California Native who turned her mess into her message, and obstacles into stepping stones. Sarah knows what it’s like to fight, conquer demons, and never give up hope. She grew up overweight, addicted to drugs, anorexic, bulimic, and homeless, but looking at Sarah today, one sees an image of health and radiant tie-dye energy. After beginning her sobriety journey in 2013, Sarah knew she needed to make some drastic changes. Shifting her addictions to health, wellness, nutrition, and living the best life possible, Sarah knew fitness was her calling. From starting beach Bootcamps, teaching indoor cycling, breathwork, teaching classes of 50+ humans, training new upcoming instructors on how to properly train and guide group classes, to becoming an independent contractor, Sarah uses her story to help one see that there is hope. She believes in having fun in her workouts, feeling comfortable in your skin, kicking your butt, and enjoying the journey along the way. Sarah brings all of her life experiences to her training to help you achieve your goals; she sees you, she hears you and invites you to join her on a beautiful journey toward becoming the best version of yourself. Get ready to Sweat With Gillette!

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