Sav Rana

Sav Rana

ACE Qualified Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor with more than 20 years of experience. I grew up in my father's gym back home in Italy, worked in fitness centers in Italy, and then as a personal trainer in Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore.  I was also the head coach for F45 in the branches of Singapore and Phuket. I have always made fitness my lifestyle since I was very young and having a highly energetic personality, being always motivated to improve myself and my workout plans, dedicating a long time exercising every day to keep fit, planning new workouts & exercises while developing and shaping my body improving the endurance of my muscle and applying all of these to take my customers to the next level. Strong background in functional training, natural bodybuilding programs, HIITS workouts, weight loss, and nutritional plans. I am always driven by the passion of inspiring and motivating people to have a better lifestyle maximizing the efficiency of their workouts, helping them to reach their goals, and trying my best to bring out the best of them. Always focused to address clients’ needs to follow a healthy lifestyle, to advise them on the best personalized nutritional programs according to their bodies and targets they want to achieve.

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