Sean Crane

Sean Crane

Sean Crane is a certified NASM fitness expert with extensive experience in endurance training, corrective exercise and hypertrophy training. He has completed several Ironman triathlons and ultramarathons as well as countless smaller races and physical competitions that test his mental and physical ability.

For Sean, fitness goes far beyond aesthetics. At the age of 23 he was incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit and was facing a life sentence in prison. With so much uncertainty, Sean turned to fitness as a way to take control over his mental, emotional and physical health. “ I had to put all my energy and focus into the parts of my life I could control.”

In the most difficult time of his life Sean was able to forge a mentality and discipline that resulted in him being in the best shape of his life. “ He ended up spending over 2,00 days incarcerated and used everyday as an opportunity to become a better version of himself. “

Sean is a life coach focused on teaching others how to develop a “ winner's mindset “ by establishing empowering routines and daily habits that create success in all areas of life.  “These steps are crucial if we want to take control of our physical, mental and spiritual well-being and reach our full potential in life. I was able to accomplish this behind bars and take control of my life; now I want to teach others how they can too. “


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