Shira Peleg

Shira Peleg

To me, fitness is so much more than the physical body; rather a way of life. I was never the star athlete in school. To be honest, I was terrible at group sports! It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I discovered a love for moving my body. I was still not eating well so I never actually reaped the benefits of all the hard work I was putting in at the gym. In my mid-late twenties I fell in love with group fitness, yoga, and properly nourishing my body made me feel! Anyways... fast forward to now and you can’t catch me not moving my body in some way, shape or form. I truly believe there is no right way to exercise, but that there is something for everyone. Sometimes you have to try multiple instructors and styles, but you will find what you love! Join me for my HIIT/Sculpt CLASSES! I combine strength training, HIIT, and Pilates + a little bit of cardio to keep you sweating and shaking for 45 minutes. I am music obsessed and love to make you want to hate me after 😆

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