Zarina Briggs

Zarina Briggs

Zarina Briggs is a certified personal trainer, who is based in New York City where she resides with her husband and son. Zarina has over 15 years of expertise as a personal trainer and knowledge in nutrition.Her interest in fitness began with her weight loss journey in High School. After being overweight for most of her High School career, she lost 60lbs through determination, hard work, and dedication. This sparked her interest in fitness and she has been enamored ever since. She has been a trainer at Equinox, and New York Sports Club and Bally Total Fitness. She has expertise in post-pregnancy workouts, kettlebells, and circuit/interval training, and is always adding to her skill set. Years later, through Body by Zarina, her diverse clientele come to her for advice on how to move their bodies, weight loss, nutrition, and develop a lifestyle they love.

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